Jan 31

Elizaveta Simakova

Our student, Elizaveta Simakova from Moscow, was accepted onto the prestigious “Management Sciences” course at University College London after achieving A*AAA* in her economics, mathematics, Spanish and Russian exams. University College London is one of the top 5 universities in England and one of the top 15 in the world. Around 8-10 people apply for every spot on the course Elizaveta was admitted to.

Liza came to England when she was almost 18 years old after graduating high school in Russia. Excellent grades and a level 8 result in her IELTS test meant that Liza could pick almost any school or college to attend in the UK. In order to maximize her chances of getting into a top UK university, Liza decided to go the traditional route and easily finished her A Levels at d’Overbroeck’s Oxford, one of the top Sixth Form colleges in England. The college’s strong academic preparation, combined with Liza’s knowledge and work ethic helped her gain her desired grades at A Level and gain admission to UCL.

This is what Liza has to say about her experience at d’Overbroeck’s and life in Oxford:

“The two years I spent in Oxford were easily the best of my life. Oxford is an incredibly beautiful town, but more importantly, it is very cozy, which is why I felt at home there right away. The atmosphere in Oxford definitely encourages learning and academics, but the town never let us down at night either, as there was always something to do after class.

I have never been as motivated to study as I was at d’Overbroeck’s. Asking a million questions during class if you don’t understand something is not scary and the teachers are always happy to help outside of class as well. Teachers ask that you call them by their first name, you can bring your lunch to class and make yourself comfortable in your seat, climbing onto the chair with your feet. These little details make sure you always feel comfortable and at ease, and that you are never placed under undue stress and pressure, which I felt at school in Russia. Nonetheless, the homeroom teacher is strict about your work and achievements, making sure you are on track at regular meetings.

Studying with students from all over the world really opened up my worldview and made me more liberal and open in my views and actions – I can finally say that I have “found myself”. Life away from my parents has also made me stronger and more independent.

I lived with a host family with a couple of other students from my school. Dinners were always a lot of fun, we would exchange news and gossip, or sometimes even debate important issues. I became very close with my host family, we would spend hours chatting in the kitchen over a cup of tea, and I will definitely visit them every time I go back to Oxford, and I think I will always want to return there.”

We congratulate Liza and her family and wish her further successes in her studies and life in England!