Why choose us?

Why us?

We could speak at length about the benefits of using English Guardian to support your child in the UK, but for the sake of brevity here are six major competitive advantages that EG offer to parents and pupils:

AEGIS accreditation

You will undoubtedly come across AEGIS when registering your child at schools in the UK; most educational institutions recommend only working with guardianship companies that have undergone the long process of checks required by the Association for the Education and Guardianship of Foreign Students. In Great Britain all businesses that work closely with children have to adhere to strict legislative requirements and comply with regulatory standards. By choosing an AEGIS-accredited guardianship company you can rest easy knowing your child is in safe hands.

You can read more about our AEGIS accreditation here.

13 years of experience

Since our foundation in 2006 we have helped hundreds of children to relocate to the UK and adapt to school life here. The vast experience we have acquired during this time helps us deliver truly expert advice and to find effective solutions even in the most difficult situations. It is highly likely that no matter what issue you or your child faces we have dealt with something similar before. Moreover, operating in British education for so long has allowed us to make partnership agreements with schools across the whole of the UK and to establish close working relationships with host families, drivers, doctors and others to ensure your child’s life in the UK is as comfortable as possible.

24/7 availability in case of emergencies

Even the most independent and diligent student can find himself in need of prompt and in-person help. Such situations might be loss of documents, a flight delay or a sudden illness. Working with us would means having a guardian at your disposal any time of day or night. Offering personalised, immediate support to every child is the core principle of our work.

Convenient location

We have an office in London and a wide network of host families and coordinators throughout the UK, enabling us to resolve issues promptly and efficiently. We can quickly reach the school or the student in case of emergency, and are on-hand to attend school parent-teacher meetings. Our students tend to fly in and out of London’s airports, and as a result many of our guardians live within driving distance of London Heathrow and Gatwick. Our office in London means we can meet parents in person when they visit, but we are also perfectly happy to arrange a meeting in central London if it’s preferable.

Support in your language

All of our employees and guardians speak English, Russian, and Mandarin fluently. Even if you as a parent do not know English at all, we’ll be your reliable support and translate every piece of school correspondence, taking into account the cultural differences of communication between the UK and CIS countries. Apart from English, we also provide support in Armenian, Kazakh, Russian, Spanish and French.

Integrated services

In addition to guardianship we can help you with additional requirements such as student visa services, academic support and tuition, assistance with college or university applications, summer language courses, etc. Moreover, we have established and reliable working relations with companies that deal with immigration to the UK, real estate, investment management and many other areas.

If you would like to discuss our services in more detail you can always contact us and we will be happy to answer any of your questions!