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English Guardian provides guardianship services to children that study at boarding schools in the UK while their parents remain in their native country overseas.

We understand that moving to a new school in a different country and culture can be the cause of significant psychological strain for children and parents alike. We strive to help with any issues that might arise from moving to school in the UK and to make the process as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

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Why us?

We have been inspected and accredited by AEGIS.

We possess over 15 years of guardianship experience.

We are available 24/7 for any emergencies.

Convenient location in London and easy access to schools.

Our dedicated staff members provide support in six languages.

Integrated support and access to the best experts in various fields.

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We would like to express our gratitude to UK Study Centre and Marianne for all the support they have provided to our son Michael over the past few years. Misha did not adapt easily to England: his first year was quite difficult, since he had to get used to a completely new country and to social and cultural norms that were so different from what he was accustomed to. For us as parents it was very important to know that even if we couldn’t always be nearby to control the situation we could always contact Marianna about any issue and she would do everything in her power to resolve it. We know Misha’s future matters to her. We are very grateful for her support and we are sure that she is largely responsible for Misha’s ongoing success, with him beginning his studies at the prestigious Cheltenham College next year.- Ekaterina and Petr Guzhvini
I would like to thank English Guardian for being guardian to my son Leonid during his studies at Clifton College (Bristol, UK). Leonid came to England at a very early age and has been through many teenage changes while away from home. During this period more than anything he needed support and understanding. It was important for me to know that my son was being looked after by an experienced professional in the UK who was familiar with the local education system but at the same time understood the cultural idiosyncrasies of his home country. I have no hesitation in recommending English Guardian’s guardianship services to all families who plan to send their children to study in the UK.- Margarita Irdyncheva
Few words can describe the distance we have travelled with English Guardian. In the seven years in which my children have studied abroad they have been an integral part of our lives and my kids have become part of their life. Honestly this is how I can best describe our involvement with this company. Looking back now, I realise how hard and difficult it was at the beginning. But it is thanks to English Guardian that we have come so far! Definitely! Our dear guardian took care of all our worries, tears and stress. She is a genuine, positive and constructive person! I would like to thank you once again and advise all potential customers that they can entrust their beloved children to these wonderful people!- Marina and Valery Bochagovy