Jan 31

Yana Mashenskaya

Our student Yana Mashenskaya graduated from Brighton College with excellent results and got into London School of Economics to read Economics – the competition was about 15 applicants per place. Yana’s IELTS and A Levels results were good enough for Brighton College to give her a merit. Yana got an A in Further Maths, an A* in Mats and an A* in Economics. Her IELTS result of 8.5/9 was in top 2% in the world.

Yana managed to achieve these excellent results after just three years of studying in the UK, though it is worth noting that her way to success was not easy. After a year of studying in an international centre, Yana got into one of the academically strongest schools in the UK – Brighton College. Yana was greatly helped by her mathematical mindset, but it was her determination and hard work that played the key role in her success. Our congratulations to Yana!