Our packages

Our guardianship packages have been developed with a wide range of parent and student needs in mind.

Over the past ten years English Guardian have developed a range of guardianship packages that suit both students at the beginning of their British-school journey as well as those who have been in the UK for a while and are more independent. Please get in touch to discuss a personalised package or to find out more about our standard packages.
School care premium guardianship

This is our highest level of guardianship and covers all aspects of your child’s life in a boarding school. This package is tailored to your specific needs and requirements as a family, and is ideal for parents who wish for a level of care which provides them and their children with total peace of mind. The Premium Guardianship service is very effective in the case of children who are at the very start of their study journey in the UK, or who need extra support and encouragement in their lives.

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School Care Guardianship

This package offers a comprehensive level of support which covers all the major areas of a student’s life in a boarding school. It is the most complete standard package that we offer, including everything offered by the Limited Guardianship package but providing additional levels of academic support. As part of the package English Guardian will attend parents’ meetings in loco parentis and provide half-termly progress reports.

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School Care Limited Guardianship

This package is suitable for students and families who feel confident about dealing independently with most of the everyday matters concerning school life. In addition to the Emergency Guardianship package the service provides pastoral care, careful monitoring of academic progress in conjunction with parents and helping with administrative and well-being matters on an ad-hoc basis. English Guardian will also provide help with homestay accommodation and transport requirements as a part of this package.

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