Feb 23

Philippa and Tim Farmer

Bourne, near Peterborough

Philippa and Tim are probably the most experienced of our host families, having welcomed international students into their home for more than 20 years. They both work in catering which means that students staying with them are never disappointed by the food! Their property is an impressive five-bedroom detached house with plenty of common space and a large garden, located in a rural area about 30 minutes drive from Peterborough. Not far from the house is a small corner shop, and the couple are happy to give students a lift to the shops into town if required. Cambridge and Birmingham are both an hour’s drive away, and the family are happy to drive students on long-distance trips.

Philippa and Tim have a daughter who is a boarder at a local private school. They love hosting international students and make sure that they involve their guests in family life, sharing meals, playing games, helping with homework and taking the house out on activity trips.

Philippa and Tim have three spare bedrooms to offer to students, including one large bedroom that accommodates up to 5 children. Each room has a combination of single and double beds, desks and bedside tables. There is a bathroom exclusively for guests’ use, and Wi-Fi and a washing machine are available.

Accommodation Single/double/triple
Children Live separately
Pets A dog
Smokers No
Wi-fi Yes
Food Half/full board