Feb 23

Hilary Wilkinson and Gary Hardwell


Hilary and Gary live in central Bristol with their two sons, Avril and Ryan. Although their house is located near the busy Bath Road, its position down a quiet side street means the home isn’t affected by the sounds of the traffic. Gary has worked for a major UK railway company for over 32 years, while Hilary previously worked as a finance apps manager at mobile company EE. She is now stays at home to look after the boys and managing a small property portfolio in Bristol.

Hilary has lived and worked internationally, and together with her husband is interested in meeting students from various countries. They are very caring and loving parents. Students are welcome to join family meals and outings, and Hilary is happy to transport them if needed.

The family lives in a spacious two-floor maisonette. The student’s cosy bedroom is located on the first floor and is furnished with a double bed, wardrobe and desk. There are two kitchens in the house, one of which can be used solely by the student, with its own fridge. The student can also use the washing machine.

Accommodation Single
Children Children
Pets A dog (lives outside)
Smokers No
Wi-fi Yes
Food Half/full board